DDrace is a gamemode in which players have to complete a custom map with up to 64 players to reach the finish. DDrace also has a Client which has some easier tools to race.

Gameplay Edit

The goal of the game is to reach the finish line. But contrary to other race mods, it is impossible to reach the finish line alone - DDrace requires teamwork!

Success does not solely depend on the skill of an individual player, but also relies on cooperation within a team of players.

The time it takes for a player to cross the finish line will be recorded under the player's nickname. A rank will be assigned to the time of the player's finish in relation to all other previous times on that map. While it is the goal of some players to finish a map in the fastest possible time (also known as "speedrunning"), others may prefer to socialize via chat and finish as a team.

Ranking Edit

All ranks made on official servers are available worldwide and you can collect points! The official servers are located in Germany, Russia, USA, Canada, China, Chile, Brazil, South Africa and Iran.

Weapons Edit

The normal weapons from the Vanilla gametype are modified - they can no longer deal damage to a tee in any situation. Also, there is infinite ammunition.

Each weapon has a different effect:

  • Hammer: With the exception of inducing damage, the hammer in DDRace has the same physical effect as in Vanilla. You can also instantly unfreeze tees by hammering them. This also works when hammering through one tile wide walls (Wallhammer).
  • Pistol: The pistol doesn't have any direct effect in the game, but it is often used to communicate with teammates. However, there is a game tile called Jetpack that enables the player to fly.
  • Shotgun: The shotgun does not shoot bullets - instead, it has a pulling laser. When a shotgun-ray hits a player, he/she will be pulled in the direction from which the ray came (either the directly towards the shooter or at the location where it bounced off the wall).
  • Grenade Launcher (a.k.a. Rocket): The grenade launcher has the same physical effect as in Vanilla, though it deals no damage.
  • Rifle, (a.k.a. Laser): The laser gun has an unfreezing ray. Whenever this ray hits a frozen player, he/she will be unfrozen instantly. Unlike in other mods, the laser and shotgun can bounce off the walls multiple times.
  • Katana: When this weapon is picked up, the player becomes a ninja, capable of slashing quickly through the air. A ninja can propel itself through non-collide tiles or other tees. Additionally, a ninja slash can instantly change the direction of the player, without causing him/her to lose velocity. For example, the speed gained from falling can be used after a ninja slash to gain more vertical or horizontal speed. Players should also be aware that the ninja transformation lasts only 15 seconds.

Useful techniques Edit

Features Edit

  • Kill protection to prevent accidentally killing yourself in long maps
  • Save a game in team using /save password
  • How to use the new timeout protection:
    • If you have DDNet client, after a timeout, you will automatically be reconnected to your tee when you rejoin. If it doesn't work, wait a bit more (100 seconds) and rejoin server.
    • If you don't have DDNet client you can still use timeout protection, by typing /timeout MYSECRETCODE every time you join a DDNet server. Then after you had a timeout you can type /timeout MYSECRETCODE again to get your tee back.
  • Type /map to vote a map. For example /map adr3 for Adrenaline 3:
    • The first character has to be the first in the map name, all others following somewhere in that order. In our case the map has to start with 'a' and contain 'd', 'r', and '3' in that order. To leave out the first character use % like this: /map %castle to vote for Out of Castle
  • Solo prediction
  • AFK players close their eyes
  • 64 player server (requires DDNet client to view all at once)
  • /dnd to disable global chat and server messages
  • /mapinfo to find out how many points finishing a map will give you
  • /lock to lock your team
  • Keep conversing with whispers by using /converse (short: /c) or binding it
  • /rankteam and /top5team: When you play in a team your team will get a team rank.
  • /points and /top5points: Map points
  • /whisper (short: /w) with other players
  • You can zoom out and still see all players with /showall
  • Ninja doesn't work through team and solo anymore
  • Clients can't kick people or kill the server by spamming
  • AFK players are excluded from votes
  • Use less CPU when nobody is connected
  • Dummy

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