Hammerfly is a simple and common technique to fly in a map in twos. The top tee drives by hooking the hammering tee on the bottom. You can find parts where hammerfly is necessary in race maps. Advanced players can transport a third tee with this method.

Simple Hammerfly Edit


Hammerfly in the air

To begin the fly, one tee has to stand above the other. There are several methods to reach this. The easiest is that the first tee go to a wall and the other tee jumps on the first one or hammer him to get beneath him. Another method is by standing next to each other and the tee who drives hooks the other and jumps while holding the tee.

After starting, the tee who drives has to hook the other tee every two seconds for two seconds, because you can keep the hook on a tee only for two seconds.

The player under the other has to hammer the tee above every 0,5 seconds. In layman's terms the bottom Tee has to hit the other Tee each time they touch each other. Though this is not 100% accurate.

Driving revears to the technique to control the direction the tees are flying. To do it the top Tee can carefully press either left or right while flying.

Tip: If you want to learn hammerfly start at a wall to get exactly above eachother.

Speedhammerfly Edit

The driver uses the hammer to even get a higher speed. When you arrived your position in the hammerfly the driver has to doublejump but also has to hammer at the same time. The hammerhits should be spammed. The hitting tee under the driver spams it too.

Triplefly Edit

Triplefly is an advanced technique allowing to fly in a map and transporting an additional tee. It is just like hammerfly, only the tee who hammer does not only hit to fly but also hooks a Tee with him.