Teeworld Pro HookFly

Teeworld Pro HookFly

Hookfly is a moderate technique to fly in the map by two tees. It is harder to master than Hammerfly, but is less common and requires decent aim. Sometimes the map force to hookfly by disabling the hammer.

Vertical Hookfly Edit

  1. Two Tees stand a few tiles apart on a flat platform.
  2. One Tee Jumps, press a movement key (a or d) in the direction of them, and hooks toward the opposing tee.
  3. The other tee does the same, and also press the movement key in the same direction when they hook, and when they get hooked.

In addition more experienced players add a hammer when they are near the opposing tee, to get higher faster. People call it "hammerhit fly" in short, "hhfly".

Diagonal/Horizontal Edit

In horizontal hookfly, two tees basically make a wheel.

  1. Two Tees stand on a flat surface, about 5 tiles apart.
  2. The tee furthest to the right, hooks the tee behind him and taps the "D" key (Or whatever your right move key is)
  3. The tee at the back (now in the air going forward) taps "D" and hooks the other tee.
  4. Just repeat hooking and pressing "D" until you get it, you can also experiment with it too see what you like.

Again, you can just add a hammer when you are near the opposing tee to get a mild boost. (Be careful though)