The American clan of ProTem* started in version 0.4.3 with its leader l-leNrYxXx. l-leNrYxXx trained an aprentice named R3X. During version 0.5.0, R3X was almost done with training when his master, l-leNrYxXx, told him he was moving to college. 3 days later he left, 1 week after he left his server crashed and left R3X in command with ProTem* with no help. In version 0.5.1 R3X met Kirby and then took him as an aprentice. Then he met Sakura who also joined the clan. They still didn't have a clan but could still make it. The then met Mister Lol who let them meet in his server. A few months past and then Sakura said she was leaving to work on middle school, which was a big impact on the small clan. Then R3X went off Teeworlds for 3 months then he came back on version 0.6.0 and Kirby was nowhere to be found, R3X was left alone again. R3X then went into extended exile, and wasn't heard from for 2 years.

l-leNrYxXx its now blockjs, peace to him.

ProTem* is now undergoing mass reconfiguration into the Gamers' Xperience, a larger mother clan also led by R3X. Members of this clan include Captain, Pegasus, Belieber, Yoda, Sheep, Dako, and Abbyss. R3X is currently also attempting to regain contact with the original clan. Him having been in exile for a prolonged amount of time had cut off all connections with the original clan. If you would like to regain connections, please comment in the talk section of this web page stating your original clan username.

Blockjs, the leader of ProTem* its now Hades ~, And the clan its renamed to <Myseria> The history of <TmS>, Is not dead...