Wallhammer is a very common technique and can be found on DDrace maps. Usually it is part of drag parts.

Wallhammer can only be done through walls with a thickness of 1 block. To do it you need to hit your mate at the right time while he is touching the wall.

The timing can be tricky, especially for beginners or people with a bad ping. There are also several ways to influence wallhammer.

  • firing a weapon like rocket or shotgun (only possible under certain circumstances) while being hammered strongly affects the speed
  • the speed gathered from wallhammer strongly depends on the momentum of your mate when he is hammered. The higher the momentum the higher the speed
  • some wallhammer parts can only be done when the tee is hammered while having low momentum

Groundhammer Edit


Additionally to wallhammer there also is groundhammer. It is basically the same concept, just that you are doing everything horizontally. Performing groundhammer

Groundhammer is a lot harder and more faily than wallhammer and barely needed to finish maps