zCatch is a popular mod on Teeworlds.

Gameplay Edit

You are caught when killed and released when your killer dies. Catch everyone to win the round. If there are less than 10 players, the round does not end and all players are released instead. The winner is the tee which is left over at the end. If you die, all players that you killed will respawn. So the only way to win is to kill every player without being killed.

Ranking Edit

Teelevision's modified version is available with a ranking.

Features Edit

ZCatch Anticamper
ZCatch frozen
  • Anticamp protection
  • AFK players automatically go to spectators
  • Keep conversing with whispers by using /converse (short: /c) or binding it
  • /whisper (short: /w) with other players
  • /victims - who is waiting for your death
  • /kills - list of players you killed
  • /top5 or /top5 <number> - Top5 winners on server
  • /rank <name> or /rank - show position in ranking